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February 10 2018

December 05 2017

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When winter begins to set in, your home becomes the favorite place in the world. Even if we can't protect you from cold and frost, some warm thoughts will make your winter easier to bear. We present you "Midwinter" by Vasile Alecsandri, from the greeting card collection inspired by Romanian poetry, that you will soon find in the online store!

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March 18 2017

March 12 2017

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Happy Birthday greeting card - side view / felicitare La multi ani - vedere laterala coloraj (2017)
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Evergreen / Mereu verde  coloraj 
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Evergreen / Mereu verde (detail 1) coloraj
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Evergreen / Mereu verde (detail 2) coloraj
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November 03 2012

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September 05 2012

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June 21 2012


...die neue Innovation des Dekodesigns

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June 12 2012

„Do-It-Yourself-Dr-Motte ;-)“
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April 28 2012

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December 06 2011

Miniature Origami
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October 02 2011

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September 17 2011

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here is how to make one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRDeOgEfxiY
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May 31 2011

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Origami Nazgul - by Jason Ku

Thanks for the link ianbrooks. Sweet find!

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May 18 2011

May 17 2011

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Make yourself a candle. A damn spectacular candle! (from Discovery's "How is it made?" series)
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October 21 2010

July 17 2010

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